Professional Development International BV (ProDevInt) aims to contribute to the professional development of managers and professionals and their organizations. To this end we develop and execute open and company-specific professional development programmes, engage in organizational consulting, utilising action research, and offer individual coaching.

Open programmes:

1. International Professional Development Programme

The International Professional Development Programme runs every eighteen months, with a programme duration of nine months. The purpose of the programme is to develop a proficiency in understanding, and working with, psychodynamic processes that take place when people are engaged in meaningful issues and activities affecting their lives, at work, at home, and in society. The programme is intended for those actively involved in handling meaningful change, as consultants, managers or trainer, and who wish to optimise organisational growth and personal development, whilst creating positive conditions for the development of organisations and the communities in which they operate. The programme consists of four phases delivered over a nine month period. The faculty includes professionals trained in clinical psychology, and specialists in organisation development and theory.

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2. Learning about interorganizational dynamics

We organize two international workshops for managers, consultants and trainers who wish to get skilled and competent in “leading collaborative processes”. Collaboration refers to particular situations where people (or representatives) come together because of their membership in ‘other’ organizations, groups or social categories. As such collaboration is becoming a critical competence in our current society in need of exploration, understanding and development.

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