About us

Sandra Schruijer is the Director of Professional Development International BV. She founded the organisation in 2002 and is the programme director and a staff member of IPDP. Sandra consults organizations and managers in respect of collaboration, large-scale change and leadership development.

She recently (a) helped design and implement organizational change within health care, (b) was a consultant on a leadership development programme in a large -scale dairy organization and (c) conducted an evaluation study regarding the effectiveness of interorganizational collaboration in the construction industry.

Sandra is also a Professor of Organization Sciences at the Utrecht School of Governance, University of Utrecht and Professor of Organizational Psychology at TiasNimbas Business School, Tilburg University, both in The Netherlands. Sandra’s research involves the psychological dynamics of conflict and collaboration between groups and between organizations. She teaches in the domain of organizational change, leadership, conflict and collaboration and organizational psychology in general.

Sandra collaborates with colleagues belonging to, and associated with her international network.

ProDevInt is located in Utrecht, The Netherlands